Developed over 20 years through working with some of the world’s biggest brands, biggest experts and produced into a hugely successful TV show watched
in 130 countries. The Turbo system always gets results.

2 Step approach for a guaranteed success and a tangible ROI.


One – The 10 Rules of Success
Reinvents your potential by enhancing the mindset, empowering your internal dialogue and boosting emotional and social intelligence.
Uses NLP, life coaching AND humour combined with the most powerful business and personal lessons from many masters of motivation (including TV show guests Jack Canfield, Dr John Gray, Brian Tracy, Chris Anderson and Allan Pease).
Two – The Dream Experience
NLP presentation for goal setting, stress management, higher self-confidence and greater focused achievement. This innovative and exclusive session reprograms your new mindset with a new and permanent way of thinking for goal setting, ‘out-of-the-box’ problem solving and becoming a life-long learner.

How To Use The Turbo Charge Your Success System.


1) Invite your target audience. Whether management, staff, clients, sponsors, families, invited guests etc)
2) Decide best format. These two sessions can bookend your special event, whether an overseas weekend retreat for regional managers or one day sales conference. Engaging every audience to achieve peak performance also enhances all your other presentations and training with a fully present and enthusiastic audience.
3) Choose objectives. What do you want? This incredibly powerful presentation for your clients/sponsors. OR a Gala dinner/ Awards keynote speech to embed your company mission and guarantee that every attendee remembers which company helped them to reinvent their life..

Turbo Charge Your Options Too…
Motivation needs to be an ongoing process like showering, eating or brushing teeth, so we can also provide a full calendar year’s digital training system that guarantees to keep your team motivated wherever they are, whatever their time zone and whatever their level of education.

Each member of your team will get an exclusive copy of the ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand’ companion which will take them step by step through the next 30 days of change.

This leaves you free to strategize your long term company objectives knowing exactly what is happening with your team and able to monitor the improvements weekly.

That way, you won’t have to worry about motivating your team again for a full 12 months!

Let’s work out the best system for you.

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